Are you are inspired by hair styles you see in on catwalks, fashion show, fashion magazines and celebrities?

Hairstyling is a very versatile and secure occupational field to work in guaranteeing a consistent income.

In our ever changing world today finding and keeping a job is not always going to be a given; especially when the economy falls into a rut. Even a University degree does not mean you will secure the income needed to cover your cost of living. Everyone needs to get their hair styled and cut, so the likelihood of the need for hairdressers being outsourced is close to none.

Reach for the Stars

Do you have what it takes to become the next Hair Dressing Superstar? If so, then becoming a Hairstylist is the right line of work for you! Every professional hair care company is looking for someone who has the right stuff to promote their hair care line as well as showcase up-and-coming hair color, haircuts, and hair fashion trends.

Do you like to travel? Are you comfortable on a stage in front of a crowd of eager to teach professionals? Become an Educator for Hairstylists; take it to the next level of professionalism and train others in your chosen field to be their very best.

Hairstylists also work for every major movie, television, and broadcast production.


Do you love hairdressing but you don’t want to work in a salon all day? Work behind the scenes for a Beauty Supply Chain. Most often you will be required to work a 9-5 schedule, know how to run an office, and work with the public as a sales consultant. Your job is an essential aspect of the salon industry and culture because you are the eyes and ears of your community. Every hairstylist loves their professional beauty supply and they spend hours of their lives combing the shelves. As a Beauty Supply Consultant you will have access to hair shows, celebrity stylists, and even get to join them in “Behind the Scenes” of their exclusive extravaganzas!