The Work

As a make-up artist/hair stylist your job would be to create the look that your client needs. This could include anything from a natural look for TV to using wigs and hairpieces for period dramas. You may also be required to apply special effects or prosthetics such as false noses or bald caps.

You could work alone, as an assistant to a senior colleague, or as part of a larger hair and make-up design team.

Depending on the job, your tasks might include:

Researching and designing make-up and hairstyles to suit the job.
Working to production designers’ notes and instructions.
Tidying and styling hair.
Completely changing a person’s look with special effects make-up.
Taking notes and photos for reference so you can keep the look throughout filming.
Standing by on set to redo make-up and hair.
Keeping work areas and equipment clean and tidy.
Removing make-up and keeping wigs and hairpieces in good condition.

You would work closely with production designers, costume designers, camera and lighting crew, and performers.